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Mission 5 Daily Solat: Imran’s Solat Diary (M24,S34)

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In all my life, I’ve only prayed three times. The first time, during Eid al Fitri. The second, during Eid al Adha. And the third, during my grandmother’s janazah prayer a few months ago.

Mom and dad didn’t pray that I don’t pray. My previous ustazs and ustazahs didn’t too. Same as my brother and sister because they didn’t perform prayer too. But, suddenly this ustaz Azhar cares.

That’s why I started this book of doodles. I need to learn how to perform a prayer and all the things about solat, I’m going to put it here. I have one week until the test.

I HAVE to know how to perform a prayer before that time comes. I am going to do all it takes as long as I’m not placed in detention by Ustaz Azhar.


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